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What to do if the vacuum packaging machine does not inhale?

Presumably, when you are using a vacuum packaging machine, you will encounter the situation that the vacuum packaging machine does not inhale. What should you do?

First, when the vacuum packaging machine is not well pumped, pay attention to whether the air pipe is leaking, whether the solenoid valve is leaking, whether the vacuum pump is damaged or lacks maintenance.

Second, what we have to consider is the machine itself, to see if there is an error in the machine itself, and if there is an error in the machine itself, we have to repair the machine.

Third, when the food vacuum packaging machine is operating normally, the vacuum gauge and the computer board time adjustment are all normal, but after vacuuming, the air in the vacuum bag is not completely removed, what is going on? After checking by the staff, it was found that when the product was placed, the length of the vacuum bag mouth was placed too long, so that after the vacuum cover was pressed down and closed, the sealing strip was pressed against the mouth of the bag, so that the vacuum could not be cleaned at all.

It may be due to the seasonal temperature. The vacuum machine is easy to solidify due to the oil in the vacuum pump in winter or when the temperature is low. When the vacuum pump is running, it cannot be lubricated by the vacuum pump oil. At this time, we need the vacuum packaging machine to run dry. Several times, the vacuum pump oil must be thawed to restore the effect on the vacuum pump, and the effect will then improve.

It may be that after the vacuum packaging machine has been used for a period of time, because the vacuum packaging machine sucks in more impurities during work, the oil needs to be changed.

The vacuum pump, or the sealing strip of the vacuum chamber and the vacuum bag have leaks, so find the leak and repair and seal it.

Check the exhaust pipe and solenoid valve for air leakage, and repair it.

What to do if the vacuum packaging machine does not inhale

Post time: Feb-20-2023