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WINTRUE Commercial Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine for Food





In Full Aspects

Single chamber vacuum sealer can be used for medium-sized vacuum inflatable packaging machinery for vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging is to automatically seal the packaging bag after it is drawn into a low vacuum. Due to the high degree of vacuum in the bag, there is very little residual air, which inhibits bacteria and other microorganisms. Breed. The single chamber vacuum sealer packs meat products, seasonings, soy products, medicines, grains and other powdery, solid, and liquid items to extend the shelf life of products and prevent mildew, corruption, and moisture.

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  • ●  The cover of the single chamber vacuum packaging machine is made of fully transparent plexiglass, which makes the packaging process clear at a glance.
    ●  The single chamber vacuum sealer has the functions of vacuuming, sealing and printing at one time. In order to adapt to different packaging materials and different packaging requirements, the machine is equipped with adjustment devices such as vacuum degree, heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time. To achieve the best packaging effect. According to the requirements of users, it is equipped with a printing device that is convenient for changing words and clear printing, that is, at the same time of sealing, the product’s shelf life, factory date or factory number, etc. are printed on the sealing line.
    ●   The single-chamber vacuum packaging machine has an ideal small vacuum packaging machine with advanced design, complete functions, stable and reliable performance.

    Vacuum Pump 20m3/h
    Seal Speed 15-40s/Cycle
    Size 500×530×1000mm
    Voltage 220V 50HZ
    Power 1.0KW