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CRP Series Belt Type Rolling Semi-automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine





In Full Aspects

WINTRUE Model CRP Series Automatic Continuous Rolling Vacuum Packaging Machine is to use its vacuum chamber to evacuate the packaging to achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life. It employs the advanced electrical control and excellent braking device, the chain drives the conveyor belt to work, automatically swings the cover, and continuously outputs the finished products. The whole machine adopts waterproof and moisture-proof computer board control, the operating system is fully sealed, and the whole machine can be rinsed with water. This machine works with automatic lid swinging. Specifically, when the chain advances, it drives the conveyor belt to move forward, and the products can be placed on the conveyor belt to continuously output products.

Warranty & Package
Warranty: 24 months from B/L date
Package: International Standard Veneer Case

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  • ● The whole machine is made of all stainless steel, the countertop is made of 8 mm stainless steel.
    ●  The operating system is fully sealed, and the whole machine can be rinsed with water.
    ● The whole machine can be tilted at four angles to meet various packaging requirements.
    ● Frequency conversion belt, slow start and slow stop conveying device, reliable positioning.
    ● Improved transformer and heating body, the isolation cloth is easy to replace, the service life is longer, and the sealing is more beautiful and reliable. Equipped with imported special M type 8 mm double bee heating strips, equipped with high temperature cloth imported from South Korea.
    ● Single-person operation, low labor intensity can realize streamlined operation.
    ● With fault detection function, accurately eliminate faults and improve work effectiveness.
    ● Designed to meet CE requirements.
    ● Built-in powerful EUROVAC vacuum pump.

    Model CRP Series
    # of seal bars 2 pcs
    Effective Sealing Size(mm) 1100X8
    Chamber Size (LxWxH mm) 1220X460X100
    Seal Speed 240~360 times/h (depending on products)
    Vacuum Pump Eurovac 200
    Electrical 380V, 3PH, 50HZ, 8KW
    Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 2000X1400X1360mm
    Machine Weight(kg) Approx. 600
    Consumables Vacuum pump oil, electric heating strip, adhesive tape, high temperature cloth