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MAP Series Modified Atmosphere Packaging Tray Sealer for Cooked Food





In Full Aspects

WINTRUE MAP Series Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machines can be used for fresh-keeping packaging of all kinds of fresh and cooked foods. According to different food properties, gas mixers with different gas types and mixing ratios are matched to ensure that food preservation can reach a good state.

The modified atmosphere packaging machine is suitable for the modified atmosphere packaging of cold fresh meat, cooked meat products, fast food, pastries, rice noodles, cheese, soy products, aquatic products, poultry, etc.

Warranty & Package
Warranty: 24 months from B/L date
Package: International Standard Veneer Case

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  • ● Employ German Busch imported vacuum pump and ensure reliable quality and stable operation.
    ● Use OMRON PLC and modules to control the precise and stable operation of the machine.
    ● Taiwan FATEK’s 7-inch HMI touch screen, clear picture and simple operation.
    ● The pneumatic part adopts Taiwan Airtac pneumatic system.
    ●  Adopt French Schneider electrical components to ensure long-term operation.
    ● The machine is equipped with an inflation interface and a control system, and the inflation function can be used at any time according to the requirements of the packaged product.
    ● The full SUS304 stainless steel frame shell meets the requirements of food hygiene, ensuring the corrosion resistance of the equipment in special environments and ensuring clean production in the workshop.
    ● Independent closed space replacement gas count to ensure a high gas replacement rate, gas replacement rate ≥99-99.5%.
    ● The pallet mold is automatically in and out, which reduces the labor intensity of labor.
    ● The replaceable heat-sealing mold with simple structure can be used for one piece of equipment to seal trays of various specifications.
    ● Real-time fault display function to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

    Model MAP-4B
    # of boxes 4
    Gas Pressure (bar) 7-8
    Gas Flowrate (m3/min) More than 0.36
    Average Power (KW) 6
    Material SUS304 + Aluminum Alley
    Vacuum Pump German Busch (optional)
    Electrical 380V 3Ph 50Hz
    Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 1150x850x1650
    Machine Weight(kg) 600kg

    MAP Series